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Progetto SLOFEST - Seconda edizione – Lo scopo principale dell'evento è quello di presentare la cultura slovena, promuovere lo scambio culturale del territorio, l'associazionismo e l'operato no-profit con la promozione di prodotti regionali e turismo culturale sostenibile. Organizzato dall’Unione dei Circoli Culturali Sloveni (ZSKD) nel centro di Trieste.

September 2015


Progetto SLOFEST – a “flight” of events land in the city center of Trieste, organized by the ZSKD, the union of Slovenian cultural associations.

September 2013


A round table Trieste multiculturale. Sloveni tra storia, arte, letteratura, (Multicultural Trieste. Slovenians in history, art, literature), organized by the Slovenska Prosveta (Slovenian cultural center) and held in the Bobi Bazlen room in Palazzo Gopcevich in Trieste .

January 2013

The Publication of Elena Blancato Martin lo Škrat's book. Storie del Carso e dintorni (Luglio editor - Trieste), illustrated by Jasna Merkù.

November 2012

Hommage à Debussy, a concert organized by the Glasbena Matica Marij Kogoj Music School in the Victor de Sabata hall of the G. Verdi theater in Trieste.

December 2012

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the church of S. Maria Maddalena in Basovizza (TS).

2012- 2013


Progetto: Alla scoperta dell’Artico, dell’Antartide e della Comunità Sami (Project for the Discovery of the Arctic, Antarctic and the Sami Community) carried out by the Scientific High School France Prešeren in Trieste.

2011- 2012

FORUM TOMIZZA Umago/Trieste/Capodistria - 12. incontri di frontiera (Border encounters).

25-28 may 2011

"Hommage a Chopin", a musical event to celebrate the 100th anniversary (1909-2009) of the Glasbena Matica Music School of Trieste. The event took place in the V. De Sabata hall in the G. Verdi Theater in Trieste and numerous young musicians from the school participated.

November 2010


Round table at the Vilenica 2009 literary festival, where Boris Pahor and Claudio Magris participated with Drago Jančar as moderator.

September 2009

The regional conference regionale of the P.E.N. Club - Poets, Essayists, Novelist (2006, 2007 e 2008) which takes place in Trieste during October.
We are particularly satisfied as in 2008 the organizers of the event (led by Prof. H. Martelli, the president) accepted our proposal to dedicate a space to the poet Srečko Kosovella and his poetry. On Sunday morning a traveling reading was organized entitled La Poesia e il Carso (Poetry and the Carso) which culminated in a visit to the poet’s birthplace in Tomaj, Slovenia. During a brief inaugural speech at the Chamber of Commerce, Vlasta Polojaz emphasized that Kosovel should be considered “the poet” and not just “the poet of the Carso”, which seems reductive in the face of the greatness of his vision and poetic contribution, both of which go beyond his local setting and onto a European scale.

October 2008

Primo Quaderno di poesie Inter Pen Book n. 1 - (First Poetry Notebook), dedicated to Triestine poetry and that of the nearby Slovenian territory. This was an initiative with the aim of promoting awareness about the poetry of the two cultural realities present in our territory.


Il nemico dei sogni, (The enemy of dreams), a collection of poetry by Claudio H. Martelli with side-by-side translations in Slovenian by Jolka Milič.


The Slavic/Slovenian Congress Živeti mejo (Experiencing the border), held for the first time in Trieste on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Italian-Slovenian dictionary by father Alasia da Sommaripa (2007).
The congress was organized by the Slavic-Slovenian Association and represented an opportunity for awareness and collaboration with the Italian Association of Slavic Studies..
Download the slovene text (pdf) of Miran Košuta’s introduction at the congress.


An artistic portfolio in Italian and Slovenian Žlahtnost - Preziosità, in collaboration with the Mohorheva Družba publishing house in Gorizia. The project is the result of an artistic dialogue between the painter Edi Žerjal and the poet Aleksij Pregarc. The portfolio was presented in various galleries and cultural centers: in June at the Gallery M. Bambič in Opicina (Trieste), in August in the Casa della Musica (Glasbeni Dom) in Sežana (Slovenia), in October in the Cultural Center "Društvo slovenskih izobražencev" in Trieste, and in November 2006 in "Babna hiša" in Ricmanje (Trieste).


The publication of a book on the first Croatian psychoanalyst Stjepan Betlheim Radovi, pisma, dokumenti, edited by the “Antibarbarus” publishing house, Zagreb.


The cultural-artistic initiative organized by the Cooperative “Il nostro Carso” Zadruga "Naš Kras" (Our Carso) in the “Casa Carsica” Gallery Kraška hiša in Repen, Trieste.

summer/autumn 2005



An anthological exibition of the artist Edi Žerjal, in the show room of the café’ "Ponchielli", Trieste.

February 2004