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Who were Libero and Zora Polojaz

Libero and Zora Polojaz were born in Istria under the Austro-Hungarian Empire in which the population was primarily CroatianZora e Libero Polojaz; foto Cerretti - TS. After marrying, they spent a number of years in Postojna, Slovenia, where they set up a flourishing commercial business. Living on the border between Italy and Slovenia gave them the opportunity to appreciate both Slovenian culture and society as well as the positive aspects of Italian realities – creativity, culture and entrepreneurship. The times, however, also presented them with many of the negative aspects of Italy, having experienced the nightmare of Italy’s fascist period and being imprisoned due to their origins and their unwillingness to submit to the destructive nationalism in force. Nonetheless, they never let themselves be overwhelmed by these dark moments and they managed to safeguard their good experiences and bonds with people against the brutality and violence of the regime; in other words, they refused to let “the baby be thrown out with the bath water”.

After the Second World War, they moved to Trieste, thus fulfilling a plan that had been in the making for years. Here Libero Polojaz, together with his wife, continued to develop his entrepreneurial skills, thus allowing them to give significant economic support to numerous charity organizations and initiatives linked with educational, cultural and recreational activitiZora e Libero Polojaz con le figliees, especially those directed toward youth and the Slovenian community. These initiatives had to respond to a number of prerogatives; they could not be associated with any form of political extremism, could not only be respectful of other ethnic groups within the territory but also should be mutually engaging for other ethnicities, thus following the guiding principle that in order to truly live together people must know one another.