The Libero and Zora Polojaz Foundation in collaboration with
the Revoltella Museum in Trieste
shall organize a psychoanalytic seminar o


Saturday 15 November 2014 at the Revoltella Museum, Trieste
Auditorium of the Museo Revoltella, via Diaz 27 - Trieste

Why hold a psychoanalytic seminar on integration and splitting in today's age?

Psychoanalytic theory has dealt with splitting since its inception and has explored the pathological aspect of this form of defense through studies of fetishism and psychoses. These are situations in which a denied reality is replaced by a virtual one, which is also a particularly common defense mechanism in different forms of trauma. In cases of borderline and narcissistic disorders splitting plays a prominent role, insomuch as it isolates the affects which are too painful and too difficult to integrate

However, integration and splitting are also well-known processes in normal, emotional life. Integration that is naturally preceded by a state of non-integration can shatter, disintegrate and then give rise to new integration.
Integration can, therefore, be seen as a process in continuous evolution and never delineated in a permanent manner. Nonetheless, in certain circumstances every part of it can degenerate.

The Seminar offers the opportunity to delve into the different manifestations of these processes on an intrapsychic, interpersonal, and trans-subjective level.

Further, the centennial of the beginning of World War I -- which occurs this year -- can be considered a source of reflection on integrative and disintegrative aspects, on fragmentation and on splitting. All these aspects, which are caused by external events, occur not only in the lives of populations but also within and between nations. We should remember that the destructiveness of the war itself stimulated the blossoming of certain Freudian concepts of great importance, such as the life and death drives and the psychology of groups.

The scientific committee: Andrea Braun
Paolo Fonda
Vlasta Polojaz
(Psychoanalysts of the Società Psicoanalitica Italiana)

With the sponsorship of
Società Psicoanalitica Italiana
and of Centro Veneto di Psicoanalisi


9.00 – Vlasta Polojaz: Presentation of the seminar
9.15 – Maria Masau Dan: Welcome to the Revoltella Museum
9.30 – Paolo Fonda: Free Associations on PS-D and World War1
9.45 – Giovanni Foresti: Cuts and sutures. Processes of splitting/integration and the function of psychoanalytic interpretation
10.30 – Coffee break
11.00 – Christoph E. Walker: Traumatic Experiences – On Inner and Outer Processing
11.45 – First comments from participants
12.30 – Lunch
14.30 – Small working groups led by foreign and Italian psychoanalysts
16.30 – Coffee break
17.00 – Report from group leaders followed by final discussion
18.00 – Closing remarks

Giovanni Foresti is the secretary of the Milan Centre of Psychoanlysis; co-chair for Europe of the IPA Committee “Psychoanalysis and mental health field”.

Christoph E. Walker is the outgoing President of the Deutsche Psychoanalytische Vereinigung.

The seminar is free of charge, but the participation is limited. The official language is English.

Groups shall be led by: Silvia Amati Sas, Andrea Braun, Eduard Klain, Antonius Stufkens, Gabor Szőny, Benedetta Guerrini Degli Innocenti, Maria Ponsi, Kitty Schmidt.

Trieste was the main port of the Habsburg Empire and still today preserves the vestiges of its former grandeur. In recent decades the city has enjoyed renewed interest in its long history of multiculturalism. Participants will receive a warm welcome, even with the Bora (the famous gale-force wind that whips through Trieste, keeping the streets and the air healthy and fresh all year around).

The Organizing Committee
Veronika Lokar
Giuliana Marin
Giulio Vidotto Fonda

With heartful thanks to the sponsor Roast company Primo Aroma Trieste