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What are our objectives?


What motivates each of our initiatives is a shared goal coming from the knowledge that in order for diverse cultures and linguistic communities to live together there must be reciprocal understanding and communication. Our main objective is to promote and maintain contact between Italy (primarily Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto) and several Slavic countries, especially within the Balkans, and to cultivate relationships among diverse linguistic communities in Italy.

To this end, the Foundation fosters cultural, social, scientific and education exchanges among the populations mentioned above.

In particular, the Foundation:

* finances specific, pertinent events and scientific, cultural and recreational projects, some of which deal with issues of environmental conservation;

* allocates study grants to young high school and university graduates interested in researching ways to improve environmental and social resources to alleviate the cultural and emotional distress of peoples caught up in wartime conflicts between different ethnicities within the same territorial context;

* focuses particular attention through studies and research on the emotional, mental and social impact on immigrant minorities and their integration into new socio-cultural and linguistic environments in order to support them within local communities;

* facilitates the integration of students from different Serbian and Croatian nationalities in public schools where the language of instruction is Slovenian, without causing these students to give up their own cultural linguistic identities;

* promotes social, cultural, scientific and recreational events in which representatives from neighboring Balkan states and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region participate;

* maintains a working network with Italian schools (where the language of instruction is Italian) which are particularly sensitized to the new multiethnic realities of their students;

* sensitizes public opinion through the organization of meetings and public encounters on issues connected with the coexistence of diverse ethnicities, often in collaboration with research institutes.